About Dorian Gray Galleries

Dorian Gray Galleries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was developed to help bring awareness, funding, and resources to homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Northeast Ohio.  Currently, LGBTQ+ youth have a 120% higher risk of reporting homelessness compared to youth who identify as heterosexual and cisgendered and it is estimated that LGBTQ+ youth make up to 40% of the unaccompanied homeless youth population (HRC). This exponentially increases the risk of suicide, drug abuse, and risky sexual encounters.  Oftentimes, LGBTQ+ youth become homeless from being forced out of their nuclear homes, leaving them with no access to a support system.


Dorian Gray Galleries is an online art gallery that will house donated art that will then be sold/auctioned through our online gallery. 100% of donations will go directly to those affected or those at risk in the LGBTQ+ community.

Our mission is integral to us because at one point in both of our lives we experienced homelessness and the struggles and vulnerability that came along with finding LGBTQ+ specific resources.  After navigating our own paths out of homelessness, we developed our careers but carried the lessons we learned along with us.  We have a mutual love for art which is where the core idea for Dorian Gray Galleries was born - it's what we know and love! With the current state of the world, we simply couldn't ignore things and move on. This community deserves dignity, respect and a fair shake at success, by taking things into our own hands (as opposed to waiting on politicians and churches). Join us in our mission to bridge the gap between hope and home!