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Exclusive Artists

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Beloved Akron native artist, Clarence "Gene" Rowand was known and loved by many in his community. Gene made this jewelry with love and was known to hand it out to people he met along his journey. We hope it continues to spread joy!

Clarence "Gene" Rowand



Richard Brooks is 91 years young! He's always enjoyed painting as a hobby and never took it farther than painting for fun. Richard was inspired after watching the movie "Bambi" which appears in a few of the pieces we have! He fell in love with animation & nature - both shine brightly through his pieces. An Ohio native, he now resides on the sandy shores of  North Carolina.

Richard Brooks



Dr. Fierra's mind was equally as colorful as the pieces he created. Generously gifted by his family, these works capture his relationship with various religions after he studied them in college and was inspired to paint the various manifestations of religion that came to him.  Dr. Fierra was a brilliant and talented individual and we are incredibly lucky to have a portion of his vivid works to showcase his passion.

Dr. Fierra


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