Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dollar for dollar donation?

No compensation is collected for any member of Dorian Gray Galleries. We have been very careful not to create any overhead costs by personally donating funds for day-to-day expenses from our personal expenses. We appreciate your understanding that to keep this true, we ask that you cover the shipping of your unique pieces! Please keep in mind that by donating to or purchasing from Dorian Gray Galleries as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit your shipping costs are 100% tax-deductible.

What type of donations do you accept?

Anything and everything within the realm of art, and of course monetary donations are always welcome! We do not have any limitations on the art that people are willing to donate, however, historically 'Paint and Sip' creations have not done very well. Art is subjective and everyone's tastes are different, so we accept various art from all genres and mediums! If you are not sure if we would accept your art the answer is probably YES PLEASE! We try to be very responsive so just ask and feel free to send any art donations to our address!

Who runs all of this stuff?

Dorian Gray Galleries is run by Cleveland-area husbands, Matthew Huffman and Daniel Tyson, and a board of local queer individuals. We are all working full-time jobs and running this passion project, so please be patient with us as we want to make sure we respond to everyone personally.

Are you an actual business?

Yes! Dorian Gray Galleries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All purchases and donations are 100% tax-deductible. Receipts available at time of purchase and/or donation.

So where DOES the actual donation money go?

We have established relationships with local youth services providers in order to identify and support at-risk LGBTQIA+ youth throughout Northeast Ohio in the form of housing, support, and supplies.

Will you ever house art in a physical location?

At this time, our galleries are completely online, but we are available for pop-up galleries at local events.

What other plans do you have for Dorian Gray Galleries?

Our goals for 2021 include: - Growing our board - Collaborating with local galleries and building community in the Cleveland art scene - Expanding our network of worldwide artists - Showcasing the history of queer art and artists on our social media We are always looking for opportunities to showcase our art in public. If you have a space where you would like us to display our art, please contact us!

Why the name Dorian Gray Galleries?

The name of the gallery comes from the famous Oscar Wilde novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. For Dan, Wilde was the first figure he had heard about being persecuted for being a gay man and was immediately drawn to Wilde's writing. For Matt, he laments the attempt at society's attempt of erasure of the queer elements within the story to make it "more appropriate" for audiences of the time. Dorian Gray was a character that has lasted through generations with his queerness intact despite the attempts to censor him and to Matt that prescribes a strong sense of identity that every queer individual should have.

Is there a way I can donate to Dorian Gray Galleries outside of buying art?

Yes! Dorian Gray Galleries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and accepts monetary donations. You can donate via the Donate button at the top of the page. 100% of your donations go into the Northeast OH LGBTQIA+ homeless community and is tax deductible. Dorian Gray Galleries will provide you with a donation form for your records.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes! If you would like a piece of art shipped please contact us and let us know which piece so we can figure out the shipping cost!